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You can catch my interview with Arun Rath on All Things Considered today during the 5 pm hour or whenever All Things Considered airs in your area. I really enjoyed the conversation which we taped on Friday. I’m curious to see how it will come together in its final form.

Media Roundup
Here is a list of some of the media that my story has received in the past week. I think it’s worth emphasizing that this media attention is far less about me and much more about the massive changes taking place in the religious landscape in America. I could not have engineered this media attention even if I’d wanted to, and it has been quite disruptive to my process, which I am getting back to in earnest this week (and I’ll write more soon about what that process actually is and what you can expect to see here).

CNN with Brooke Baldwin (print story by Daniel Burke)
Washington Post (via RNS) | Seventh-day Adventist pastor plans to flirt with atheism for 12 months
AirTalk with Larry Mantel and guest Brie Loskota
BBC Radio | Up All Night with Dotun Adebayo
New York Daily News | Ex-Calif. pastor tries atheism for 2014, gets dropped by 3 Christian employers
Christianity Today | The Problem With Trying On Atheism

Blogs about my project
Huffington Post | Fired Pastor Ryan Bell Receives Staggering Donations From Atheist Community, Led By Blogger Hemant Mehta
The HineSite | I Was Up
moves and removes | Wishing Him Well But Withholding My Applause
Religion Dispatches, (A)theologies | Gambling with God: Ryan Bell’s Atheist Bet
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PZ Myers, Pharnyngula | Sikvu tells it like it is