aoa-logoI had such a great time talking with my new friends Cash & Love of the Atheists on Air radio show and Dave Foda, friend of the show and all around remarkable human being. You can listen to the show or download it here.

I can’t believe we talked for three hours. The time just flew by. I always learn so much from these conversations and that is one of the primary goals of my year long exploration: talk to as many people as I can who don’t believe in god to understand their reasons for not believing and to learn from them. These events are often primarily organized so others can interview me, but I also find time to interview and learn so much from others. Cash & Love are certainly no exception. And Dave Foda—what can I say?—a gentleman and a scholar.


One outcome of that conversation is that I will be attending and speaking at ReAsonCon in Hickory, North Carolina on May 3rd. If you’re anywhere in the neighborhood I hope you’ll join us that day. The event is FREE if you sign up soon. The main draw is Dr. Richard Carrier. Get all the information and register today by visiting the website here.